Custom orders

Arthycono makes copies of old works crafted by hand, on wood and canvas mainly in the case of BYZANTINE STYLE ICONS if you wish to make a specific order, either one of the works exhibited in our online store  or any icon of your devotion that you do not see in the catalog, and of those who have photographs or drawings, we can assist you in this section of Custom orders, filling in the fields that we indicate in the form and attaching the photograph(s) or drawing(s). so that we can study it and give you the appropriate budget without any type of commitment.

In the case of the original and unpublished drawings called IMPOSSIBLE ARCHITECTURES we can also assist you. If you want a drawing to a specific measurement to be designed, you can contact us and see the possibility of doing it.

The process for placing a custom order will be as follows:

  • Request a quote through the form “Custom orders”
  • In maximum period of 7 days you will receive an email with our budget and delivery time
  • If you agree, confirm your acceptance of the budget via email info@ and we will proceed to send you a link to your order and for you to pay 50% through our online store payment gateway
  • When your order is finished and ready to be shipped within the stipulated delivery period, you will receive a second email with a link to pay the remaining 50% through our online store payment gateway.

Form “Custom Orders”

Name and surname
To send photographs or drawings you can do it through the email